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NOTE: This bio has not been fact-checked


I am Mike Stow, AKA the Scryptkeeper. I was born in Arlington, Texas. I'm the son of an Amish welder and I grew up drawing on the walls for fun.


My love for art transformed when I was 16 and my friend bought me some tattoo equipment. My friends then had the means to acquire butt tats.


In 2001, after many years of hard labor on couches, I got my first shot of working in a tattoo shop. After a very short time, I did a tattoo that changed my career forever: a portrait on Katt Williams of his prized show dog with the name "Wiggles". The image went viral in the tattoo community, even before the advent of social media. I was then on known as the go-to artist for lettering. This drew the attention of celebrities and I had the opportunity to tattoo musicians Andrew WK and Justin Timberlake. After taking the last year to tour with and tattoo the Biebs, you can find me at Modern Primitive eating tacos in the back room.

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